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Welcome to the website of Macon Massage Therapist LaTonia Rainey, and Heavenly Spa Mobile - a professional day spa.

We provide professional, relaxing therapeutic massage services in order to provide our clients with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits our patients experience are:

  • reduced pain
  • reduced stiffness and motion limitations
  • reduced muscular and emotional stress
  • increased flexibility
  • increased blood flow
  • enhanced soft tissue healing

We invite you to contact our spa today and experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage therapy.

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LaTonia Rainey


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Why Choose Massage For Healthy Way Of Living?
The body takes a lot of strain all throughout the day and it needs relaxation from time to time. Exercises are required for keeping the body fit but massage can help in actual relaxation of the body. The techniques will sooth your muscles and relieve your tissues to make you feel the ultimate comfort and you can get back to work with more enthusiasm and more energy than ever before. Swedish massage is becoming quite popular these days and this company can offer you even more.

Heavenly Spa Mobile is a Macon massage clinic that is dedicated towards providing the best services to their customers and that too at the right price. The company ensures that the comfort of the customers is maintained throughout the session and provides some of the exclusive message techniques which are still not common, worldwide. The benefits offered through the massage are soft tissue healing, increasing flexibility, increasing blood flow, reducing pain, reducing stiffness and reflection problems, reducing stress related to muscle and even emotions and much more. This therapy is special and highly professional therapists are appointed for the purpose.

The sports massage is specially designed for people involved in sports but anyone can try that. It increases flexibility and reduced the paid and tissue damage caused by activities. Joint stiffness is also reduced through the massage. Stone massage is another very popular massage that can be opted for the overall wellbeing of the person in question. This massage is much more relieving and comforting. The technique is unique and only experts can offer the service. The company has appointed some experts in this regard to offer the maximum benefit to the client.

The Benefit Of Deep Tissue Massage
While the other massages are quite general and can serve several purposes, deep tissue massage is for relieving tension in the muscle and the tissues in question. These are muscles below the surface muscles and can be helpful for people who are experiencing constant pain from heavy physical activities. You may have to come for some sessions in order to get complete benefit out of it.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned massage therapies, just contact, Heavenly Spa Mobile at 478 747 9231. You can utilize the benefit of the massage in the best possible manner at your favorable time. You can also check out the website, http://heavenlyspamobile.massageplanet.com/ for any information about the services.